Thursday, December 28, 2017

Take some time to reflect.

This is another one of Brad Esau's lovely photographs of Mrs. Bean. For more about Brad and Mrs. Bean, see this earlier post. You can see all the Mrs. Bean posts as I add them using this link: more Mrs. Bean memes.

Take some time to reflect.


  1. What accounts for the popularity of cats, anyway? I'd ask Minky (one of our two Tonkinese), but he would just give me his "You'll never understand anything, just get my dinner" look.

    1. I've wondered about that too! For growth mindset, they are PERFECT because cats exemplify both curiosity and fear, so I can find great illustrations for so many growth mindset concepts. I also do Latin LOLCats... that's how I got started in fact.

      It was a great relief to find out that even my students who are not really into cats can still get a kick out of the mindset cats.

      As for the "why cats?" question... it is one of the ETERNAL MYSTERIES. :-)


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