Each of the links below goes to a GoogleDoc with specific assignment instructions, and for overall details, see the Extra Credit: Growth Mindset page at the class wiki. And remember: you don't have to wait until the end of the week to do some extra credit; you can do one of these whenever you have some time to spare. So, find something that appeals to you, and click the link to find out just how the challenge works:

1. Read MORE about mindsets. (details) This is a challenge you can repeat as often as you want: read an article about growth mindset and write up your thoughts in a blog post. There are lots of articles to choose from covering a whole range of growth mindset topics.
OR Watch a VIDEO about mindsets. (details) This is the same idea, but watching a video instead of reading an article.

2. Focus on FEEDBACK (details). You can find specifically about feedback to learn more about giving and/or receiving feedback. This is also one you can repeat as often as you want, and there's always more to learn about feedback.

3. Learn from OTHER STUDENTS. (details) I've got a collection of quotes from previous student blog posts about growth mindset; for this assignment, you'll browse those quotes from other students to see what you can learn.

4. SHARE the mindset idea. (details) For this option, you will share what you've learned about growth mindset with someone else — friend, roommate, family member; it's potentially useful to everyone.

5. STORIES about mindset. (details) Look back through the stories you've read for class and find a story that exemplifies the theme of a growth mindset.

6. Make a MOTTO or MANTRA. (details) You can use mottos and mantras to re-focus your attention; for this assignment, you'll choose your favorite mindset motto or mantra.

7. Make an ACRONYM. (details) For this assignment, you'll invent your own growth mindset acronym like PUSH: Persist Until Something Happens.

8. Explore the CATS. (details) Use the cat randomizer at the blog to find your favorite growth mindset cats.

9. Mindset BEYOND School. (details) Reflect on the aspect of your life outside of school where you have the strongest growth mindset beliefs, and think about how you could develop those same beliefs about your schoolwork.

10. What is GENIUS? (details) This assignment is based on a great cartoon by Grant Snider. What do you think the elements of genius are? Here's the cartoon:

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