Sunday, August 16, 2015

English: Growth mindset means... you chase your dreams.

I am excited about today's cat because this is the first in what will be a series of Mrs. Bean pictures! Mrs. Bean is the marvelous cat who belongs to my friend Brad Esau, and her life really is a story of the growth mindset in action. You can learn more about her at photographer Brad's SmugMug albums (Mrs. Bean and More Mrs. Bean), and you can read Mrs. Bean's story in her book at PhotoBox: A Year of Mrs. Bean. The photo is used by the kind permission of the author; you can follow Brad at Google+ (he is one of my G+ favorites for all the photos and writing he shares).

This photo is Mrs. Bean in Motion. As I add more, I'll label them: more Mrs. Bean memes. And thanks again, Brad, for letting me do this! Mrs. Bean will win new fans and admirers this way I hope!

Growth mindset means... you chase your dreams.

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