Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I allow myself to do things imperfectly.

This cat was inspired by Celestine Chua's advice on coping with perfectionism.

I allow myself to do things imperfectly.

To find out more, see How To Overcome Perfectionism by Celestine Chua. I've transcribed the graphic below.

How to Overcome Perfectionism
1. Be a healthy perfectionist (Commit to your goals, but don't let failures define you)
2. Remove the all-or-nothing mindset (Allow yourself to do things incompletely and imperfectly)
3. Avoid the perfectionist's mind trap (Don't focus on unimportant information and requisites)
4. Learn to respect and love yourself (You are the only constant in your world)
5. Use your ideals as guides, not absolutes (Don't attach yourself to them)
6. Value your relationships (Allocate time for your relationships)
7. Celebrate the victories and progress made (Every step is a job well done!)
8. Delegate and let go (You don't have to do everything yourself)

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