Saturday, October 24, 2015

English: Growth can happen in leaps and bounds.

A friend at Google+ shared this post with me, and I found it very helpful:

The cognitive biases that are killing your decisions by Jory Mackay.

This is a quote from the post: "Maintaining a growth mindset isn’t a matter of walking up a staircase one small step at a time. Most often, personal growth happens in leaps and bounds—more like jumping between floors on a trampoline."

Of course, sometimes growth can happen staircase step-by-step, but it can also happen in leaps and bounds. I'm not sure if it "most often" that growth happens this way as the author claims, but what a nice feeling that is when growth does come in the form of a big leap!

The image is from cheezburger.

Growth can happen in leaps and bounds.

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