Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Latin: Perseverando

This is a Latin motto: Perseverando. By persevering. The meme is made with Cheezburger.

English: They wouldn’t make erasers if we didn’t make mistakes.

Source: Laura Gibbs, Proverb Laboratory.

They wouldn’t make erasers if we didn’t make mistakes.

Latin: Errando discitur.

The image is made with cheezburger.

Errando discitur.

We learn by making mistakes.

Don't worry: cats learn very quickly how to get out of the jar, and sometimes they even decide that it's a good game, as in this YouTube video. :-)

Latin: Labor omnia superat.

The image is from cheezburger.

Labor omnia superat.

Effort overcomes all things.

Latin: Scribendo disces scribere.

The image is from cheezburger.

Scribendo disces scribere.

By writing you will learn to write.

Latin: Discat, qui nescit

The image is from cheezburger.

Discat, qui nescit, nam sic sapientia crescit.

Let him learn who does not know, for thus does knowledge grow.

Latin: Audentior ibo.

The image is from cheezburger.

Audentior ibo.

I will go boldly.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The earth . . . grows.

Alan Watts shares some profound meditations on growth in this video: Life From Above, and Beyond, with words from Alan Watts. I've embedded the video below! There is a really profound dimension to the idea of growth and what it means for human existence; you can use this video to ponder that philosophical sense of what a growth mindset could mean.

Then I found a photo by Brad Esau of the beautiful Mrs. Bean; this one is from the album Bean in Hope (more about Brad and Mrs. Bean and more Mrs. Bean memes).

The earth . . . grows.

Be sure to listen to / watch this video to really ponder the cosmic meaning of growth:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to Connect and Contribute

The more people who participate in this project, the better! Here are some ways to contribute:

1. Share the memes! Please give credit with a link back when you do. You might also want to leave a comment on the memes that you like best.

2. Make your own memes! You — and your students (if you're a teacher) — can make memes too. There are lots of tools like Cheezburger, Automotivator, and many more that you can use.

3. Share your memes! You can share your memes by posting them in your own blog (Blogger, Tumblr, etc.), or you can post them at an image sharing site like Flickr or Pinterest, or you can create a Cheezburger Board like Magistra Susan did. Then share the link here using this Contact Form and I'll add your site to the list.

4. Request a meme! Do you have a favorite "growth mindset" motto that you think would make a good meme? Share your request via this Contact Form, and I'll post the requests on a page for people to consult to get ideas for making memes.

5. Share "growth mindset" resources! Do you have some favorite growth mindset resources? Please use the Contact Form to share links, videos, infographics — any online materials that you think can be helpful in explaining the growth mindset idea and helping people as they learn, grow, and learn to grow!

6. Join the Inoreader Growth Mindset feed. If you or your students are blogging, you can join the Inoreader Growth Mindset feed — kind of like a blog hub. More information here: Inoreader Growth Mindset.

Please feel free to share any other ideas and suggestions that you have. Thank you in advance for your contributions! :-)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Thanks, Upgrading Online Conference!

Thanks to the Upgrading Online Conference for prompting this new project, and thanks also to Susan Strickland for getting me to start thinking about how we need memes for promoting the growth mindset, especially among young learners. And most of all, thanks to Laura Slade from Bow Valley College for her presentation on "Increasing student motivation and engagement by fostering a growth mindset community" that helped fit everything into place. I'll share a link to her archived presentations as soon as it becomes available at the conference site.