Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Infographic: How Educators Can Assist Learners in Developing a Growth Mindset

This is from a blog post by Jackie Gerstein: How Educators Can Assist Learners in Developing a Growth Mindset. Visit the blog post to see the full-sized version!

I believe that all students can learn and be successful.
I believe that I should assist students in believing that they are good and powerful learners.
I believe that all learners are smart in their own unique ways.
I believe all students should be challenged and be rewarded for taking risks and rising to challenges.

Were my expectations clearly presented to learners?
Did I set and maintain a climate to learn from mistakes and failures?
Did I set a forum for learners to receive authentic feedback from me, peers, and experts?
Did I provide the resources and scaffolding if and when needed?
Did I provide the time and resources to address learner questions and confusions?
Did my learners and I consider and use best practices for similar work?
Did I praise effort, resourcefulness, and resilience?
Did I ensure that learners were engaged in and motivated by the work?

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