Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Infographic: The Educator and the Growth Mindset

Be sure to visit Jackie Gerstein's blog post to see the slide presentation that goes with this resource, along with the full-sized version of the graphic:

Fixed Mindset
feelings of powerlessness, learned helplessness

Growth Mindset
feelings of empowerment to positively influence students and learning community

Identify Own Self-Defeating, Fixed-Mindset Thinking
metacognitive awareness of negative and toxic self-statements (the students might not see me as an expert if I make a mistake; I have too much to do. I don't have time to plan and do new things in my classroom)

Acknowledging One's Own Choice
choice in perceptions and thoughts about the experience and choice in actions taken

Model and Directly Teach Growth Mindsets
in the context that ALL students are capable of growing through personal effort.

Give Learners Personal Agency
learners get opportunities to choose, set goals, struggle, fail

Use Performance-Based Feedback Systems
assessing effort and progress through the educator, peers, and self

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