Saturday, January 6, 2018

This may take some time and effort.

This cat doesn't think, "This is too hard!" ... but it may indeed take some time and effort. :-)

I first found the "Change Your Words" graphic at a blog post by Jackie Gerstein: The Educator with a Growth Mindset: A Staff Workshop (see that graphic below). I've also seen this version of the sayings making the rounds:


Here's the other version of the graphic: colorful, but harder to read. I've transcribed the text below.

Growth Mindset and SBG Bulletin Board Downloads
(visit the blog post for full-sized version)

I'm not good at this.
What am I missing?

This is too hard.
This may take some time and effort.

I'm awesome at this!
I'm on the right track.

I give up.
I'll use some of the strategies I've learned.

It's good enough.
Is this really my best work?

I'll never be as smart as her.
I'm going to figure out what she does and try it.

I made a mistake.
Mistakes help me improve.

I can't do math.
I'm going to train my brain in math.

I can't make this any better.
I can always improve; I'll keep trying.

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