Saturday, June 24, 2017

Curiosity breeds curiosity.

This quote comes from Aaron Davis's ReadWriteRespond blog, in a post about Daily Habits. These are some really nice thoughts here prompted by this question: What are the daily habits that you do as a learner? Here is the paragraph with the curiosity quote:
Another habit that I do every day is be actively open to interesting ideas. Curiosity breeds curiosity. In part I pick up some of this perspective from the blogs I read, but I think that it also comes from engaging in the world around. David Culberhouse describes this as spending time at the idea well. This might involve chatting with people at lunch or asking clarifying questions of others. I think that this is why I love professional development sessions and conferences so much. It isn’t always the intended learning opportunities, but the often ‘hidden’ incidental learning at the periphery.

Curiosity breeds curiosity.

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