Tuesday, April 12, 2016

English. I rule an imagined world of my own.

This long quote is very much worth reading; it is from a review in BrainPickings of a book by Janna Malamud Smith: An Absorbing Errand: How Artists and Craftsmen Make Their Way to Mastery.

The quote is about gardens and the metaphorical "garden" that is the space for growth and creativity in our own lives:

The good life is lived best by those with gardens — a truth that was already a gnarled old vine in ancient Rome, but a sturdy one that still bears fruit. I don’t mean one must garden qua garden… I mean rather the moral equivalent of a garden — the virtual garden. I posit that life is better when you possess a sustaining practice that holds your desire, demands your attention, and requires effort; a plot of ground that gratifies the wish to labor and create — and, by so doing, to rule over an imagined world of your own.

That last line is what inspired today's growth cat:

I rule an imagined world of my own.

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