Monday, September 28, 2015

English: Creative thoughts got us to the Moon.

I got the idea for this meme's message from a blog post by Nicholas Provenzano: Creativity in the Classroom. It's a great post in the spirit of the growth mindset!
Lighting the Creative Fire. Creativity should not be relegated to English class or the art room. There are places for all teachers to add creative elements to their school days. It's important that we light the creative fire under our students -- otherwise, we'll watch a nation entering a dark age with very little creativity. Creative thoughts are what took us to the Moon. We need to make sure that we remind students of the value of creativity, and that we give them every chance to show it in the classroom.
So, inspired by that, I made this cat with Cheezburger. Creativity is a huge part of what growth mindset is about... and it can lead to extraterrestrial achievement!

Creative thoughts got us to the Moon.

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