Sunday, November 27, 2016

English: Sometimes, being wrong is the only way we can learn.

Sometimes, being wrong is the only way we can learn.

Today's growth cat was inspired by this wonderful blog post by Brian Koberlein, written from his perspective as a scientist: You are not stupid.

Although Brian does not mention growth mindset in particular, the labels "smart" and "stupid" are very much part of the fixed mindset, and he shows how dangerous they both are. Here are two quotes from the post:
“So what do you do for a living?” I always cringe a bit when that question comes up among strangers, because when I reveal that I’m an astrophysics professor the response is almost always the same. “Um…wow…. You must be really smart!” While it’s often intended as a compliment, it really isn’t. Smart didn’t allow me to become an astrophysicist. Hard work, dedication and the support of family and friends did. It’s also one of the most deeply divisive misconceptions about scientists that one can have: scientists are smarter than you.
One of the things I love about science is how deeply ennobling it is. Humans working together openly and honestly can do amazing things. We have developed a deep understanding of the universe around us. We didn’t gain that understanding by being stupid, but we have been wrong many times along the way. Being wrong isn’t stupid. Sometimes it’s the only way we can learn.
I was especially inspired by that last part! So, I made this image with cheezburger.

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