Thursday, March 2, 2017

Open the door... and explore the unknown!

I'm not a fan of the faux number (that 2% is meaningless... especially since we are all a mix of these qualities: in some aspects of life I embrace the unknown, but in other aspects of life I play it safe, etc.) — but the list of qualities in the graphic below is useful:
  • Growth means going for your dreams, having confidence, exploring new things, choosing happiness and fulfillment, getting the most out of life, embracing the unknown and excitement, liking change, living without limits and in abundance, and acting in spite of fear.
  • When your fixed mindset kicks in, you just feel insecure and want to survive, be like everyone else, just getting by and playing it safe in fear, regretting your dull life, procrastinating and settling for less. They call it the comfort zone, but it doesn't really sound all that comfortable after all, does it?
This cat is not afraid to embrace the unknown. :-)

Open the door... 
and explore the unknown!

I made this cat for the MemeGallery with cheezburger.

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