Sunday, February 18, 2018

Improve Your Learning From A to Z

I thought this "alphabet" of learning was a great way to think about all the ways we can grow and learn; I find saw it at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, and they found it at See the transcript below:

Be accountable
Believe in yourself
Connect the dots
Deconstruct new skills
Engage with others
Focused practice
Get started
Hypothesize, test, adjust
Use your imagination
Find joy in learning
Personal knowledge management
Listen more
Make space
Build a network
Use performance support
Question assumptions
Read a lot
Use spaced repetition
Tinker with things
Unlearn and relearn
Be visual
Write frequently
Exercise regularly
Get Z's

Interestingly, there's a different version (slightly) at the ETML website: maybe you will want to make an alphabet of your own!

Find a passion
Be vulnerable
Be willing to fail

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