Thursday, December 21, 2017

Carol Dweck. Brain Research at Stanford: Mindsets

This is an older talk by Carol Dweck, which provides a snapshot of her research back in 2011. I really like her closing comments:
I'd like to end by saying every era is known by the way it views its children's intelligence. I grew up in an era that believed in fixed intelligence. In fact my sixth grade teacher Mrs. Wilson seated us around the room in IQ order; you think it's funny, but in fact in her view some children had potential and some did not. The ones who did not in her view were not allowed to clap the erasers, wash the blackboard, carry the flag in the assembly, or take a note to the principal. What will our era be known for? I hope we'll be known for understanding the brain and how it works and then using that knowledge to help all children fulfill their potential.

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