Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Helping Learners Move Beyond “I Can’t Do This”

I was excited about the references to growth mindset in the Twitter stream from #InstCon today, and here's a fantastic new infographic from Jackie Gerstein that has a lot of relevance to the growth mindset approach; read the blog post for details about each item in the infographic: Helping Learners Move Beyond “I Can’t Do This” — and here's the infographic, with the transcription below:

Helping Learners Move Beyond "I Can't"
  • Help learners focus on “I can’t do this . . .  YET.”
  • Teach learners strategies for dealing with frustration.
  • Encourage learners to ask for help from their peers.
  • Give learners tasks a little above their ability levels.
  • Emphasize the processes of learning rather than its product.
  • Reframe mistakes and difficulties as opportunities for learning.
  • Focus on mastery of learning; mastery of skills.
  • Avoid the urge to rescue them.
  • Provide multiple opportunities to learn and build upon previous learning.
  • May need to push learners beyond self-perceived limits.
  • Help learners accept an “it’s okay” when a task really is too hard (only as a last resort).
  • Build reflection into the learning process.

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