Friday, December 18, 2015

Sal Khan interviews Carol Dweck

This is a meeting between Sal Khan of Khan Academy and Carol Dweck in which Carol Dweck provides a basic overview of the concept of the growth mindset. Khan Academy has also collaborated with the PERTS Center at Stanford to create a Growth Mindset Lesson Plan. One of my favorite activities there is Letter to a Future Student, where you remember something that you had to struggle to learn something, how that made you feel, and how you overcame the obstacles that you faced. Then, you write a letter to a "future student" giving advice about facing obstacles. The idea is that in a classroom the teacher would collect these letters, and then randomly give them out to the class again before a difficult test or other challenge. Maybe you might want to write a "letter to your future self" now that you can use to give yourself a boost when finals come around at the end of this semester!

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