Thursday, April 30, 2015

YesICan Cats

#YesICan Cats. These are inspired by Laura Ritchie's wonderful book, Fostering Self-Efficacy in Higher Education Students (2015).
  1. Ask yourself: How confident am I that I can do this?
  2. Before I reply, I think and reflect so that I can understand.
  3. First, I make a plan.
  4. I can do it too!
  5. I don't let the past bring me down.
  6. I'm confident that I can go high.
  7. I need space to question and explore.
  8. Commit to a goal.
  9. Consider what you are capable of.
  10. Deeper learning calls for an impulse from the student.
  11. Deeper learning calls for creativity of thought
  12. I engage and I learn.
  13. I shape the technology; it does not shape me.
  14. I watch with deliberate attention.
  15. I'm ready for a challenge!
  16. Learning requires initial experimentation.
  17. My peers can be my teachers.
  18. My skills bring success.
  19. Observe others: the task is possible!
  20. Ponder your potential.

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