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You will find lots of different kinds of growth mindset materials at this site. I've created it for the students in my online courses at the University of Oklahoma (more about those courses), and I am glad if it can be useful to others. Here is what you will find here:

GROWTH MINDSET CATS. I've been creating growth mindset cats since the summer of 2015, and now there are several hundred cats, with new ones on the way. I hope you will find them fun and inspiring. You can also see the cats at Flickr and at Pinterest.

MINDSET RESOURCES. I use Diigo to collect growth mindset articles, graphics, and videos; you will find lots of good learning material here.

MINDSET CHALLENGES. These are some activities to help you learn more about growth mindset and how to explore the power of growth mindset in your schoolwork and beyond.

STUDENT QUOTES. In 2017, I started collecting quotes from student blog posts about growth mindset, and I'm sharing them via a Padlet. Everyone approaches growth mindset in their own way, and you can get a sense of that diversity by looking at what these OU students say.

And here's one of those growth mindset cats at random:

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