Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feedback tells you that you can go higher.

This can was inspired by 5 Tips For Taking Feedback Like a Champ by Megan Bruneau.
I was recently talking to a professional athlete friend, who was sharing the areas of his game that needed work. In response to his coaches' feedback, he felt anxious, discouraged, and ashamed. "But isn't it wonderful," I told him, "That you have areas to work on! It means you haven't reached the peak of your game and can still improve as a player. Imagine if you had no areas you could improve upon? You would have maxed out your potential and wouldn't have the chance to secure a starting position!" The same goes for our career trajectories. Remind yourself that those deficiencies and growth areas mean you still have potential to develop — and there's no telling what you're capable of once you acknowledge and bring attention to those areas!

Feedback tells you that you can go higher.

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