Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Journey to a Growth Mindset

I was really excited to watch this new Carol Dweck video. It's pretty recent (March 2016), and she talks in details about some of the misconceptions and sloppy applications of growth mindset. If you have time to watch a full-length video, this is a really good one to choose: The Journey to a Growth Mindset.

There are also some recent articles where Carol Dweck has addressed some of these same topics:

Carol Dweck Explains The ‘False’ Growth Mindset That Worries Her

Watch out for your own fixed mindset, Carol Dweck tells teachers

The Stanford professor who pioneered praising kids for effort says we’ve totally missed the point

Carol Dweck says mindset is not ‘a tool to make children feel good’

Growth mindset guru Carol Dweck says teachers and parents often use her research incorrectly

Recognizing and Overcoming False Growth Mindset

What Having a “Growth Mindset” Actually Means

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