Thursday, July 2, 2015

English: You haven't failed ... you've learned.

One of the ways I get ideas for these memes is by reading the latest tweets with the #growthmindset hashtag at Twitter. I liked this tweet from Vid Micevic today! Made with cheezburger from a photo by Paula Nimigean: thank you for the great picture, Paula!

You haven't failed ... you've learned.


  1. This photo was published on 500px and belongs to me. If you want to use it, specify my copyright name.
    Paula Nimigean

  2. I am glad to do so, Paula: you need to contact; the image is there at the address I provided; I think they will remove it from the site if you want them to do that. Here is the specific address with the image number where I found the image, unattributed, at their site; I will add your name to my post right now!,


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