Sunday, July 6, 2014

An Inoreader Hub for Growth Mindset

In this post I'll explain how I am setting up a blog hub and combination RSS feed for growth mindset memes and reflections. I'm designing this for my students (here's the project I'll be working on with my students), but since it is conceived as an open project, it could go in all kinds of different directions based on anyone who wants to hook up via this blog hub. Here's how it works:

About Inoreader. Inoreader is an RSS aggregator (like Feedly, etc.), but it also offers some powerful other features. Specifically:
* it lets you share what you are reading with outgoing RSS, bundles, OPML, etc.
* the outgoing RSS can also be rendered as an HTML view (that's how I run this stream:
* you can create outgoing RSS by combining feeds and/or by Inoreader labels
* Inoreader labels can be assigned automatically by rules and manually
* Inoreader can also access content from G+ public streams (not communities), Facebook pages, and Twitter streams.

Not exactly a blog hub. You may have participated in an online experience where there was a fully automated blog hub (ds106 is a great example, and Connected Courses also used a blog hub, and there's a blog hub going to for CLMOOC). The way I am using Inoreader is not quite the same thing: this is just my own personal feed reader which also gives me the ability to share publicly the content I am aggregating and curating. I use this for my online classes, and starting with #Rhizo15, I've been experimenting with how it can be used in other ways. I am really grateful to the programmers at Inoreader for creating a tool that has this power but which requires zero programming skills of any kind!

Growth Mindset Resources via Inoreader. So, here is how I will be setting up my Inoreader in order to collect and share growth mindset memes and other resources:

1. Share your blog(s). Let me know if you and/or your students have a blog you are using for growth mindset topics. It can be a blog dedicated to growth mindset OR you can use a blog post label (tag, etc.) to indicate which items in a blog are growth mindset posts. I will add that blog feed to my combined Inoreader Growth Mindset blog folder. Use this Google Form to submit your blog address.

2. Other online streams. Let me know if you have a Facebook page, Google+ public stream (communities don't work), or Twitter feed which is dedicated, or mostly dedicated, to growth mindset materials. You can also submit that at the Google Form.  Because these platforms don't have RSS labels, I cannot directly add it to my Inoreader Growth Mindset blog folder, but Inoreader can monitor those incoming feeds and help me find "growth mindset" items.

3. Tweet me / Plus me. I can easily reshare items via my own Twitter and my own Google+ into the Inoreader feed, so either "plus me" at Google+ or @OnlineCrsLady at Twitter if you have a growth mindset item to share.

4. Inoreader outgoing. I will share the Inoreader Growth Mindset blog folder as an OPML file and as a "bundle" in Inoreader. I will also label all incoming items in this folder so that they can go out via the Inoreader Growth Mindset RSS feed and be displayed also as HTML clippings. I've also created a display page for the HTML clippings at my website:

And, last but not least...

THANK YOU, INOREADER: It is really exciting to have all these powerful tools for following the topics that I care about and also being able to share what I find with others.

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