Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Video: Make Challenge the New Comfort Zone (2 min.)

I found this video clip of Carol Dweck in a blog post by Jackie Gerstein:
Learning About Young Makers. I've provided a transcript below the video; it's very short, but it gets at a key idea: what do we need to do differently so that students in school will seek out difficult challenges, rather than avoiding them? One part of the answer has to do with praising effort and not punishing mistakes; you can find out more in this video: Praise and Mindsets.

by Carol Dweck 

I think we've made a huge mistake in our childrearing practices, in our educational system. We tell kids they should feel good when things were easy for them and they got everything right; that's a cause for celebration Not in my book. In my book it means you're not learning as much as you could. If it was easy, you probably already knew how to do it. We should make kids feel cheated if the work is too easy for them or if the teachers gloss over their errors and don't give them good feedback We should have kids asking for harder work, wanting the challenging problems.  I want "challenge" to become the new comfort zone, not "easy" being the comfort zone.

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