Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Article: 6 Things You Learned in School that Don’t Apply in the Real World

I really liked this post from the blog:

6 Things You Learned in School that Don’t Apply in the Real World

The post provides a great list of things that are NOT TRUE but which you might think are true, given the way school usually works:

1. Failure is disastrous
2. It’s better to work alone
3. There’s always a right answer
4. Someone will tell you what you need to know
5. Education only happens in school
6. Only what’s in the syllabus is important

Be sure to read the original article to get some great insights into each of these items and why they are NOT true, and how you really need to get rid of those assumptions if you want to pass the test of life itself!

In that spirit, I thought this would be a great graphic to use to illustrate this blog post; it comes from Paul Bogush's blog.

And as my online buddy (and prolific author) Nathan Lowell remarks: "I didn't give final exams in my classes. I just told the students: There will be a test, but I'm not going to be giving it. It'll come sometime after you graduate. Good luck."

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