Friday, August 22, 2014

Random Growth Mindset Cats

Each time the page reloads, a new random cat! There is a 400-pixel-wide version (what you see below) and in a 200-pixel-wide version (what you see in the sidebar). Here is a link to the javascripts.

You can make your own javascripts with Randy Hoyt's wonderful script-builder at Just put your content into an HTML table and the tool creates the script for you.

May 28 2016 update: I've added more images to the script, so there are now over 150 cats, plus I moved all the files into a secure web space (https). That means you can now use the script in an LMS like D2L or Canvas.

Scripts for the Random Cats

I made these widgets with Randy Hoyt's wonderful

Here is the 200-pixel-wide version (good for blog sidebars):

And here is the 400-pixel-wide version:

There is also an iframe version that you can use in Canvas or similar environment that does not allow direct use of javascripts; you can adjust the height variable as needed; I have only created an iframe version of the 400-pixel-wide widget:

If you are using an old http version of the script:

In order to make the scripts run in an https environment (complying with new mixed content rules), as of May 28 2016 I am hosting the javascript in an https space and I am also hosting all the images in an https space. You will just need to change


The old version will continue to run, but you will see that it displays an alert about needing to switch to https, and I won't be updating it with new pictures. I will only be updating the https version from now on.